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Interested in Joining daVinci to Recieve Unlimited Job Postings?
Membership in the daVinci Project is open to organizations and companies located in Central New York, Mohawk Valley, the Finger Lakes, and the North Country who wish to recruit qualified individuals while simultaneously helping to promote Central and Upstate New York as a great place to live and work. Becoming a member of the daVinci Project will not only save you time and money – it will also connect you to some of the most prominent companies and institutions in your region. Employers that become daVinci members gain not only the ability to post unlimited jobs to a nationally recognized website, but also gain the opportunity to help develop the strategies that will maintain the daVinci Project’s status as one of the premiere regional workforce development resources in the area.

If you would like more information about membership in the daVinci Project, you can contact Tom Mushow at 315-445-5845.

Alternatively, you can Post Jobs Individually Without a Membership for $150 per-posting by clicking here. daVinci uses PayPal to keep your payment information secure, and will never share this information with third parties.

Because the daVinci Project is a regionally focused initiative that emphasizes professional jobs and legitimate postings, we need to verify your status as an organization before you can begin posting jobs to the site. We will review your request immediately and, after verifying your information, will notify you shortly on how to proceed. If your company has been approved to post jobs at least once in the past, you may skip the applciation process and pay your $150 fee online any time you wish to post a job.

Davinci Members

The daVinci Project is made up of member organizations located throughout Central and Upstate New York. The goal of the daVinci Project is to showcase to nationwide candidates the wealth of career opportunities and lifestyle alternatives that are available within the Central and Upstate New York region.

To learn more about the daVinci Project member companies and organizations, we invite you to explore the company profile database. You can View all daVinci Members, or view a shorter list of organizations whose name begins with:

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You may also launch a search for a company or organization by name.

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